Here at Laumi we strive to build a place where women don't have to feel shy or uncomfortable about being powerful.  We want women in our network to feel safe in this environment, and for those not yet in the network to feel inspired to join us.

We offer digital marketing management for female-friendly businesses. Plenty of services claim to help you manage your digital marketing, but we're here to look out for our fellow female entrepreneurs. Marketing has the power to break through glass ceilings and push boundaries to get your brand to the next big thing.

Our mission is to place women with diverse perspectives in positions of leadership. But don't get us wrong, this is not about going against men or about only working with women. It's never about that. In fact, we need well-informed men to be a part of us to make a real difference. Whoever you may be, if you believe in what we have to say, we need you.


Your brand's success matters to us—not because you're just another client, but because you're a fellow female entrepreneur. 
To that end, we believe in:

We stick to the core values of our company and are transparent about it from start to finish. We'll never pretend to be who we aren't and will always be the ones to "do the right thing." 

Power of Yes

We believe in your dreams. While we know not everything is possible, we'd like to think that it might be. Where there is inspiration and support, nothing can go wrong.


Magical things happen when you bring together a group of people driven by their own sense of purpose. There's power in getting together outside of work and our mission is to develop a network of influential individuals that believe in empowering women.

You and I

Without relationships of quality, we cannot be successful. This special connection between us will take us to great places. We wake up every morning to work with people that challenge us in healthy ways and those we genuinely enjoy working with.

Open Communication

Open communication has always been an integral part of running our business. Conversation get us towards more ideas and new opportunities.

The Ripple Effect

Success has to mean more than just finance and fame. We believe in giving back as much as we take by sharing our experiences and creating more opportunities for women. Let's get creative together to make differences in their lives - one step at a time. 

Laumi is based in Brooklyn, New York.